Manufacturer Part Number Quantity Price Condition Description
Audio Precisiondvd training1callUsedfundamentals of audio test and measurement 5 disc set
BorlandJBUILDER 92callUsedEnterprise retail package - P/N: JBE0090WWFS180. Included The S/N with Authorezation keys for Jbuilder 9 optimizeit suite 5.5 & Enterprize server (as well as teh CD's as pictured). We have 1 more without the S/N or Authorezation keys if interested.
CableLabsdocsis 3.01callUsed2 box total of 1-13 cd
CADENCE 25000000057993CALLLNewCADENCE 2500000005799 / AV951-00307 Rev A DR643107 Board
CADENCE 25000000120853CALLLNewCADENCE 2500000012085 Development Board
CHECKPOINTC2-CP1callUsedCheck Point UTM-1 450 / C2-CP Rackmount Network Security Firewall with rack ears
CHECKPOINTCPDS-MEDIA-PROT-4.811callNewCheckPoint PoaintSec Protector CPDS-MEDIA-PROT-4.81, P/N: 100890
CHECKPOINTCPIP-A-TR-C1callNewGigabit Ehernet Expansion Module
CHECKPOINTCPSB-105-EU10callUsedSafe@Office 105
CHECKPOINTS-BOX4callUsedSofaWare S-box™, a ground-breaking security appliance that revolutionizes home office and general home computer Internet security, with extreme ease-of-use, the highest levels of security and a breakthrough price point of under $300. The SofaWare S-box is an affordable, state-of-the-art Internet security appliance running Check Point-based Safe@Home software. It can be easily deployed into any home environment with DSL or cable Internet access MODEL SBX-133LHE-1
CHECKPOINTSBX-166LHGE-43callUsedVPN-1 Edge X,Check Point Safe@Office 100
CHECKPOINTSBX-166LHGE-42callUsedVPN-1 Edge X,Check Point Safe@Office 400W + 500W
Cimmetry Corp.AutoVue1120Usedw/CD & Manuals Retail
Ciscocnr-6.3-base1k1callUsedCisco Network Registrar 6.3 - base license/kit, all platforms, 1K IPV4 nodes CNR-6.3-BASE1K cd+ Software Licensing
Ciscocommunications manger 6.01callNewsw-cup6.0-k9p
CiscoCVP-70-BNDL-NFR2callNewCisco Unified Communicator Media VXML Server License
CiscoCVP-7X-NFR-SVR-LIC2callNewCVP 7.X Call Server License
CiscoIPCOMM7-NFR1callNewIP Communicator NFR 7.0 5 unit License
Ciscosf-gss-dnslic3callUsedgss 4492r cd+ Software Licensing
Ciscosw cisco unified mobile communicator1callNewcumc-v7-k9-demo
CITRIXEW22XP410201CALLUsedCITRIX METAFRAME XPa to METAFRAME XPe w/Feature Release2 English Upgrade for WIN
CorelDRAW 71CALLUsed
CypressCY8CKIT-042-BLE1callNewCypress CY8CKIT-042-BLE Bluetooth Low Energy Pioneer Kit
CypressDKBLE1121callNewbluegiga DKBLE112 128-Bit Encryption Development Kit
CypressEZ-USB FX21callNewLiterature, license, CD
CypressISD-ES17XX_USB_PB-ND1callNewNuvoton ISD-ES17XX_USB_PB-ND Evaluation Kit for ISD1700 series
CypressS26361-F1767-V3906callNewFujitsu S26361-F1767-V390 ServerView Suite SVS 12.18.02 - NEW!
DELL171C11callNewDell 171C1 Reinstallation DVD Windows 7 Home Prem. 32-Bit (with YOUR COA)
DELL4DTND1callNewDell PPK5P Reinstallation DVD Windows 7 Pro SP1 32-Bit (with YOUR COA)
DELL4PW6N1callNewDell 4PW6N Reinstallation CD Windows XP Professional SP3 (with YOUR COA)
DELL4YXW11callNewReinstallation CD WIN 7 PRO SP1 64bit (Portuguese, French, Arabic, Turkish)
DELLGHFR02callNewDell GHFR0 9V2DH Reinstallation DVD Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit (with YOUR COA)
DELLGHFRO2callNewDell GHFRO 9V2DH Reinstallation DVD Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit (with YOUR COA)
DELLJ229H1callNewDell J229H Reinstallation DVD Windows VIsta Business 32-Bit SP1 (w/YOUR COA)
DELLJ230H2callNewDell J230H Reinstallation DVD Windows VIsta Business 32-Bit SP1 (w/YOUR COA)
DELLK160T2callNewDell K160T Reinstallation CD Windows XP Professional SP3 (with YOUR COA)
DELLKJX6D22callNewDell KJX6D Reinstallation DVD Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-Bit - NO(!) COA is included or ANYTHING else - you MUST use YOUR existing COA for the Reinstallation with this CD
DELLPPK5P2callNewDell PPK5P Reinstallation DVD Windows 7 Pro 32-Bit (with YOUR COA)
DELLR39962callNewCDSK,DOC,PV100T,DAT72 1X023
DELLR662K1callNewDell R662K Reinstallation CD Windows XP Professional SP3 (with YOUR COA)
HPE6584A1CallUsedAGILENT Wireless Protocol Advisor
HPQL-MT4AE-6E1115OtherHP / Compaq QL-MT4AE-6E Tru64 UNIX BASE DEC3300/DS10 License
I&V Processinghandbook150Usededitor Al Bovik by ACADEMIC PRESS
IBMWebSphere 5.01callUsedIBM WebSpere Application Server Software CD's - WAS 5.0 Multi MP NLV P/N BA06RML
IKONBDSP 20161callUsedAUTODESK Building Design Suite Premium 2016 BDSP 2016 EN USB w/ Product Key
Microsoft2000 PRO8CallNewcoa ONLY
Microsoft450-00162-161CallUsedRiverbed Universal Doc Kit - Support, P/N: 450-00162-16
MicrosoftOpen License150UsedExchange 5.5 - 5 CAL
MicrosoftOpen License1450New10 CAL Windows 2000 Server + Exchange 2000
MicrosoftOpen License1850New40 CAL Windows 2000 Server (25 are Version upgrade) + 25 Exchange 5.5
Microsoftpro 2003125NewMicrosoft Office PRO 2003
MicrosoftProject 951callNewWIN 95 RETAIL
MicrosoftR020C1CALLNewDell R020C Microsoft Works 9 CD Full Version
MicrosoftSBE 2003520UsedOEM
Microsoftserver 2003 STD1CallNewMicrosoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition w/Product Key
MicrosoftVisual Studio 20021CallUsedVisual Studio .NET ENTERPRISE Architect Ver 2002
MicrosoftWindows 95120Newfull oem
MicrosoftWindows 98 SE125NewCOA
MicrosoftWindows 98 SE125NewCOA
MicrosoftWindows NT Server 4.0120UsedOEM, BOOK & Label only
MicrosoftXP HOME1CallUsedACER CO.XPH01.008
MicrosoftXP PRO26CallUsedOEM COA ONLY
NICE406A3005-021callNewPerform Release 3.5
NICE409D3502-012callNewPerform Release 3.5
NICECHART FX2callNewSoftwareFX Chart FX for .NET Additional Production Server Software
NICEPowerGadgets1callOtherSoftwareFX PowerGadgets 1.0 Software
OpenGLOpenGL Library1callUsedOpenGL Library 3rd Edition by Addison Wesley, ISBN: 0-321-47055-9 (Retail price: $99.99), Included: OpenGL Sharing Language (2nd edition) - ROST OpenGL Programming Guide (5th edition) - OpenGL ARB - Shreiner, Woo, Neider, Davis The OpenGL Machine - graphics system Diagram (Vesrion 2.0)
OpenGLSuperBible1callUsedOpenGL SuperBible 4th Edition
RealView100-0001-011CallUsedARM Velocity PHY Test Platform w/2x P.S. & F3D112-006 DSB25 CAB
RealViewVE-10001CallUsedSHUNRA VE-1000 VE NETWORK APPLIANCE MANAGEMENT with 2x VEI-1000 ETH. Modules
RealViewVE-STN-10001CallUsedSHUNRA VE-STN-1000 P/N NSA2107RL VE Enterprise NETWORK APPLIANCE Ver 6.1
Source DynamicsSource Insight4callUsedSource Insight 1 cd + book ver 3.5
SSHSecure Shell for Servers 3.16200Usednew, unused
SUN798-3596-011200NewNEW, Component Manager 2.2
Symantecantivirus 9.01callUsed
SymantecClient Security 2.01callUsedSymantec Client Security 2.0 5 user business pack
Tektronixmtx100 & rtx1001callUsed3 cds software recovery, sample streams ,win2000
VISIOVisio Prema 5.0c1180NewNIB, Retail, include Visio Standard, Professional & Technical Plus 5.0