Manufacturer Part Number Quantity Price Condition Description
Blackberry97807callUsed5 black 5 white
Huawei8008X160UsedOrange Infinity 8008X FW Android 4.2.1 2GB Black Unlocked Smartphone
NOKIA3109c1callUsedLot of 2 Nokia 6210c-1 RM-243 (Unlocked) Mobile Phones
NOKIA60862callUsedNokia 6086 Type: RM-260 Flip Phones Silver T-Mobile Cellular
SamsungAB103450CH9callNewSamsung AB103450CH original Battery & Charger ABCC700BBE
SamsungABCC700BBE3callNewSamsung original Battery Charger ABCC700BBE
SamsungSGH-i6009callUsedSGH i600 - Black (Unlocked) Cellular Phone 2 with double bold battery
SamsungSM-A500F3callUsedSamsung Galaxy A5 / SM-A500F Unlocked Smartphone & Android 6.0.1 OS
SamsungSM-J100FN1callUsedSamsung Galaxy J1 SM-J100FN Unlocked Black Smartphone with Android 4.4.4 OS
SamsungSM-J120F1callUsedSamsung Galaxy J16 J1(2016) SM-J120F Unlocked Smartphone 1x Black
SamsungSM-J500F1callUsedSamsung Galaxy J5 SM-J500F Unlocked Black Smartphone with Android 5.1.1 OS
SONYBaker1120UsedZTE Baker 4GB 4.5" Unlocked Smartphone with Android 4.1.2 OS
SONYF33111120NewSONY Xperia E5 F3311 16GB White Unlocked Smartphone Android 6.0 w/Glass & back Cover
SONYF33111770UsedSONY Xperia E5 F3311 16GB Gray Unlocked Smartphone - Android 6.0 OS 5x white + 12x black
SONYF51211120UsedSony Xperia X F5121 Unlocked 32GB GSM 4G LTE 23MP 5.0" Smartphone
SONYST27a1120UsedSony ST27a Xperia Advance 4GB/2GB Smartphone Android 4.0.4