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Mobile (25)

Networking & Telecom (2136)

Server & Parts (1734)

Other (416)

Pc & Parts (912)

SBC (Single Board Computers) (24)

Test / Lab Equipment (278)

Power Supply (319)

Software & Documantation (96)

SCSI / SAS / FC Hard Drives (295)

Tape Drives (171)

Photo (55)

Laptop & Parts (148)

IDE / SATA Hard Drives (311)

Multi DVD Drives (14)


We ship daily, within 24 hours of your order - no shipments on Friday & Saturday (non working days in Israel).

• ETA is as following (business days, Friday & Saturday are NOT business days in Israel; Sunday is a full working day):
   1. EMS (postal service): USA: 4-5 days / Europe: 3-5 days / Rest of the world: 5 days.
   2. Freight (UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc…): USA & Europe: 2-3 days / Rest of the world: 3-5 days.
ALL the above is subject to Israeli & local destination holidays, customs & security checks, etc…, but in MOST cases the above times are the correct ones.

• Shipment costs we quote are the actual costs & include handling but no insurance - if insurance needed pls. indicate when ordering.
   Pls. Note: Shipment costs from Israel are among the lowest worldwide if shipped with the postal mailing service (in the USA you get them from USPS, UK – the Royal Post, etc…), this is good for packages up to 20Kg, above that, we have VERY good price agreements with DHL Express.

• Shipment costs of bad / unwanted / DOA / etc... items back to us for replacement or refund are paid by buyer!

• We can ship on your Freight company account (FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc…).

• We ship Worldwide, but we DO NOT ship to the following countries (ALL of these will NOT accept shipments from Israel) – we welcome buyers from these countries, but shipment MUST be to an address not in the following:
Malaysia, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chad, Yemen, Mali, Sudan, Indonesia, North Korea.

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